To-Do List

 My travel to-do list

  • Visit all 7 continenets
  • Swim in the Dead Sea
  • Go to Kenya
  • See Borobudur
  • Sky dive
  • Couchsurf
  • Put together my own travel documentary (amateur of course)
  • Go to Venice and not get lost
  • Baptized in the Jordan river
  • Go to Varanasi 
  • Attend an Indian wedding
  • Live overseas
  • Live overseas for 3 months or longer
  • Do missions work in Asia
  • Get my open water diving certification
  • Keep traveling for at least a year
  • Camp outside at least once while traveling.
  • Experience Holi Festival in India


  1. I don't see eating chicken feet on here

  2. Iggy- I thought that was a given! : P

  3. If you ever plan to visit Indonesia, come visit me in Jakarta. I'll be delighted to show u jakarta. I will take one day leave from my office to escort you. yuli ( )


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