Timeline of Travels

An organized way to view all posts within a certain trip - most recent first.

2014 - 2015 - Living in Brazil

2014 - South Korea

2014 - Taiwan

2013 - Hong Kong

2013 - 2014 Living in Japan

2012 - India, Southeast Asia and Japan

2011 - Australia and New Zealand

2010 - Egypt and Israel

2008 - Tour of 10 European Countries

2007 - Florence, Venice and the surrounding area

2004 - Paris and London

2003 - Ireland

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Jade, I had no idea (or rather really took the time, sadly) to discover just what a phenomenal photographer and eloquent writer you are!

    I just viewed your insightful, delightful, inspirational and quite educational travel logs and you've quite successfully fired my yearning to travel a bit more myself! Now, if I only had a deep pocket that I could draw from to fund my gypsy dreams:)! Ah, one can dream still;)!

    I'm so very proud and awed by your talents and wish you many, many more travel adventures! And even though I may not be able to go myself, I will look forward and count on your menagerie of film to bring it to life and me there with you!

    I love you Doodles! Remain curious and adventurous!
    Xoxo always,
    Aunt Kimmie


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