About Me

Jade. A dreamer. A photographer, goofball, lover, explorer, squish-er. Christian, cheeky, lover of cultures, lover of art...Not necessarily in that order (but most likely in that order...). I fell in love with travel at age 16 when I went to Ireland, and the travel bug has latched on (never letting up!) ever since. I don't think there is anywhere I wouldn't want to go. I fall in love at first sight and am then forever set on seeing and exploring these amazingly beautiful places and people in the far corners of the world. I'm excited to share my photos, my stories, my mis-adventures and the treasures of life that I experience on my (and Christy's) Asian Adventure 2012!

Fellow traveler and best friends for almost 15 years. Christy is my travel companion, voice of reason when my head's stuck in the clouds, and endless source of amusement (and hilarity) when I'm down or freaking out. We've always joked that we're the same person - only different. Lover of the arts, cultures and exploring as well :D

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