26 March 2012

Singapore Esplanade

Touristy as it may be, one of my favorite places to go in Singapore was the Marina and its Esplanade. It's a short walk from the metro station and home to some of the iconic images of Singapore. Here, Christy and I saw the giant Merlion fountain- a symbol of Singapore, fish body representing the fishing village Singapore once was and a lion head representing "the lion city" or Singapura- the city's original name. It was so nice being by the water, especially in the midst of the city's humidity... even in the rain (or especially in the rain), it's so refreshing to walk around here. And to mine and Christy's surprise, a free music festival was going on the day we chose to walk around (the last day of the festival at that!) Early in the day, we saw some of the band's rehearsal before heading inside the adjoining mall (due to the rain)- a perfect time for some lunch and milk tea! (Salted Caramel Milk Tea! So delicious!) The Esplanade is a perfect place to see the sun set and watch the skyline light up... which is exactly what we did, simultaneously being treated to a light show and the music festival. We ended staying for the whole show, watching both the Malaysian punk band (with an amazing crowd!) and a Brazilian band. Definitely one of the best (free) ways to spend the day in Singapore!














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  1. Wow!! This is amazing! Rick gave me your blog and I regret not looking at it sooner.
    Love, Aunt Lysa


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