23 March 2012

Sentosa Island - Singapore's Playground

I went out to Sentosa Island twice during my stay in Singapore. While it is possible to take a cable car out to the island, it's pretty pricey at $24 one way- so Christy and I opted for the cheaper alternative of taking the Sentosa Express. It's easily accessibly from the Harbourfront MRT station and only costs $3 for the round trip ticket. Approaching Sentosa, I definitely felt like this was Singapore's answer to Disneyland. It felt very touristy at first, which it is- what with Universal Studios Singapore, and other mini parks and aquariums you can visit. This was all a bit expensive for Christy and I, so instead we walked around the island, saw the Merlion statue in the center of Sentosa and headed for the (free!) beaches. We visited the Palawan Beach ( which had a lot less tourists and was further from the main shopping and eating areas) and Siloso Beach (which is more visited and closer to everything else.) It was really so nice to get away to a lazy island and spend the muggy day cooling off in the water, walking along the beach and enjoying refreshing drinks. So much so that Christy and I made a point of visiting the island (specifically for the beaches) a second time.











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  1. Singapore appears lovely and relaxing, What beautiful beaches! Your pictures are so great and your trip comments many times give me the biggest laugh!! How was the taste of the fountain water Jade, as good as the old USA?? Have fun you two, Love ya & miss ya!!! Aunt Kathy : )


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