08 March 2012

Ranakpur Village Hike

While staying in Ranakpur, aka the middle of nowhere, we had the opportunity to take a hike in the surrounding hills to visit some of the villages. These villages were a lot more far removed than I had originally thought, which made it all the better! We got to visit one family's home and try out some of their daily chores like grinding grain and churning milk. These people were incredibly kind and generous and the kids were some of the cutest, sweetest kids I've ever seen! It was so incredibly to see these people's houses and imagine living in a place such as this- it's such a departure from everything that we know as Westerners. Getting away from touristy India and seeing the way of life for many Indians was definitely a highlight for me- seeing the waving, smiling faces of the children, the brightly colored saris of the women (out in the middle of nowhere) and their lives was completely fascinating and something that was incredibly beautiful to experience and be a part of.

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