06 March 2012

Ranakpur Jain Temples

On our way to Ranakpur, we stopped by the Ranakpur Jain Temples. Jainism is an Indian religion that pretty much teaches non-violence and strives for the soul to achieve divine consciousness and liberation, free from inner enemies. The main temple is a huge structure comprised of 1444 intricately carved pillars, built around a large tree at the center of the temple. The architecture of the outside of this temple very much reminded me of some of the temples Christy and I will hopefully soon be seeing in Cambodia. The temple experiencinks quite interesting in India...you still can't get away from people, even "priests" following you - trying to explain the history of the temple, "pray" for you or give you a blessing in exchange for a large tip. Some of our fellow travelers had been pressured into giving tips to these "priests" who are already well paid, and I have to say- it was hilarious to see our fearless tour leader storm into the temple to give the "priest" a piece of her mind. A brawl was about to break out in the middle of this temple, but after it all, we realized just how much our guide Aparna was looking after us, making sure our experience of India was a spectacular one!

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