11 March 2012

Pushkar Sunset

What better way to experience a sunset in Pushkar than to take a camel safari into the desert? It's like the whole "riding into the sunset" thing (I always think of the third Indiana Jones!), only slower and on a larger animal... This was my very first time on a camel, so it was a very exciting experience! Christy and I picked the tamest-looking of the two camels left when we arrived (we rode the same camel)- Satosi Ganesh. That was his name...Ganesh was his Hindi-given name, and Satoshi- the name Christy and I gave him before learning his real name. He was a quite nice camel while we were riding him, but once we got off, to admire the sunset for a bit, he didn't like us coming near him (he must have known we're trouble makers!). I have to say, it was SO scary being on the camel for the first 5 minutes or so, but once you settle into the camel's movements, it was not bad at all- in fact, I loved it! Satoshi treated us well (I can't say so much for some of our fellow travelers- some camels wandered off or started trotting..). Riding a camel isn't so bad- its the fear of getting off! (they jerk forward and backward as they sit/get up!). But, seriously, is there a better time to take a camel safari than when in the Indian Desert!

^ Satoshi Ganesh, our curmudgeon of a camel....

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