11 March 2012

Jojawar - Tucked Away in Rajasthan

Perhaps one of the more special moments spent in Rajasthan was our visit to Jojawar. Similar to Ranakpur in that it is set apart from the major tourist attractions, Jojawar is a tiny little village that we were able to walk around in 15 minutes or so. It's impossible to walk down the street without being bombarded by about 10 children, all asking your name and your country. (Many will try to ask for money, chocolate or pens- but as a fellow tour member found out... It is unwise to give to one, as all will want the same. Plus, as we've noted throughout India, it's more meaningful to give to a child who is actually doing something -we saw a magician,etc- than to give to a child who is just begging.) I loved seeing all the colors of the buildings, the different shops, the women in saris- it was great to wander around a small, less crowded village like Jojawar. And our hotel (more like heritage hotel and once-fort for the royals), Rawla Jojawar was a beautiful property and luxurious stay, complete with refreshing drinks and showering with flower petals upon arrival. My stay here was short, but a great one!

^My favorite little kid in all of India! All smiles, repeating "hello!" What a cutie!

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