02 March 2012

Jama Masjid and Humayun's Tomb

My first full day of exploration in New Delhi was quite productive. Christy and I met up with our G Adventures group and set out into the city, ready to take on the New Delhi metro. While the metro is quite crowded, with every local staring at you, the metro was quite as difficult to overcome as I first had thought. There is a separate compartment for the ladies and the subway comes frequently. During rush hour though, it was very hard to find space to even get on the subway, let alone trying to squeeze through the crowds to try to get out! But, our group was successful and we walked many small alleyways and residential areas with our guide, getting a small taste of what India is all about. Our first major attraction was Jama Masjid, a mosque with amazingly beautiful architecture! It's required for the ladies to wear these floral overcoat type dresses, which made exploring even more fun. I was awestruck, finding myself actually in India- it still doesn't feel quite real!

After Jama Masjid, we had a small lunch before being unleashed on our own, to explore anything we wished. At first it seemed it bit nerve-wracking: How do I find the metro again? How do I know where to go? But our guide, Aparna, was amazing and is always full of great ideas and tips to help us along the way. On this particular day, Christy and I decided to pal around with fellow group members Miriam and Steve. It was quite the experience- haggling the price of a tuk tuk, our first tuk tuk ride at that!, navigating through the crazy traffic of New Delhi and then finding ourselves at our destination: Humayun's Tomb. It was so peaceful here and such a departure from the madness of New Delhi's city centre. Once again, the architecture and coloring of this building was absolutely amazing! It was a great first solo venture into the wild city, a city that we will return to upon ending our tour. It's still completely surreal that I have found myself here in India, and that I really am enjoying it! It can be such a challenge with all the people, the traffic, the pollution...and it's not exactly as easy as running into Target to pick up tissues, toothpaste, food, etc. But something about India makes up for all those inconveniences. There are moments and people that remind you of the beauty of this place.

Humayun's Tomb

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  1. I Love living your adventures through you! We look like we having a great time! Wendy


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