22 March 2012

The Easy Life in Singapore

Oh, Singapore! It was such a nice transition from India. India was amazing, but it was so nice to come to Singapore! The traffic was not so congested, the city was clean and organized and Christy and I could actually walk into shops and look at items without starting the haggling process. Our first couple of days were spent just getting used to the "reverse culture shock." (from India). We frequently went walking around Joo Chiat, the area we were staying in. We had quite a few good Asian meals before moving on to some meat! Our first beef in a month! We splurged on some Hard Rock Cafe hamburger and it was so worth it! I don't think beef has ever tasted as good. Christy and I discovered our love for milk tea in Singapore as well! Delicious tea drinks (of many colors and flavors!) enhanced by the creamy goodness of milk. My favorite was the Gong Cha Milk Black Tea- a yummy black tea with almost salty-like cream on top that should be mixed into the tea. We definitely treated ourselves to milk tea just about every day of the week that we were there. While in Singapore, the land of great and varied food, we decided to search down some Mexican food (as we've never experienced good decent Mexican food outside of North America. It took a little googling, but we found a place called Cafe Iguana in a touristy area that was actually pretty tasty. It was expensive as well, so Christy and I (being us) split the nachos- one of the cheaper items. Definitely not quite authentic, but still delicious and...good! Guacamole, cheese, tortillas, beans and sour cream hit the spot. So, that's the easy life in Singapore- we had heard it was all about the food and shopping here, and as we don't have any room in our backpacks for shopping, we decided to take part in the food aspect (in our own semi-frugal way!)

Evertop- our Haianese restaurant that we frequented
Lugging our backpacks across town to a new hotel- closer to the center of Singapore





My favorite milk tea- Gong Cha Milk Black Tea!



Zingy Stardust boots!

First taste of beef in a month (after India). Mmmm... So tasty!

...Interesting (?) and tasty nachos at Cafe Iguana



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