10 March 2012

A Day in Udaipur

Oh, what to write about Udaipur... Possibly one of my favorite spots in India. I found Udaipur very refreshing with the huge lake and its surrounding palaces; the shopping and sightseeing was very accessible- many things within walking distance.  I just really liked the atmosphere of Udaipur and had some great experiences here! Not to mention our palace of a hotel! On our first night here, we got to go to a beautiful cultural dance performance. There were all kinds of dancing, beautiful outfits and even a lady piling about 12 pots onto her head! Talk about skill!

Another.... Interesting experience was the Jagdish Temple (which we actually visited after Udaipur's winter palace- which I'll talk about in my next post. What made the Jagdish Temple so interesting was the fact that we (and tourists) were hassled the entire time. Guys following you, trying to be a "guide" -expecting payment, people begging around the temple and all forms of people trying to get money out of you. Can you imagine that, at a religious place? I mean, there were four of us visiting this temple, and we didn't have 10 seconds of silence the entire time. It's really unfortunate as well because some people are legitimately interested in where ou come from and just want to shake your hand, but with sooo many people trying to scam you or trick you into buying something, it forces you to keep your guard up. I've found that its pretty hard to have real conversations with people here without wondering what they're going to try to sell you. So many people, especially in the touristy areas try to get you to book a different hotel or taxi ("you can't possibly FLY to Varanasi!"), but when you do come across a genuine person like our awesome G Adventures "CEO" Aparna, it makes the experience all the more special.

Later in the day, around sunset- a beautiful experience is taking the cable car to the top of this hill for a glorious view of all of Udaipur. It's so peaceful up there (besides the hoards of people trying to sell you ice cream..). We stayed until just after sunset so that we had time to head out on the town for a nice dinner overlooking the lake and summer and winter palaces. We spent at least an hour and a half up there though- a perfect getaway from the noisy city!


  1. Awesome stuff ladies! Everything looks so interesting. You two are like a pair of girl Indiana Jones adventurers. Be safe!

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