05 March 2012

Chandur Palace

On our way to Ranakpur from Jodhpur, we stopped at Chandur Palace in the middle of a tiny village- a place where they rarely see foreigners. It was a little amusing to see the looks our group ( a bunch of white Brits/Americans/Canadians) got. Locals would stare curiously, while most children would smile and wave. The children were the cutest- running outside of their houses or running to get their friends to get a glimpse of the group of foreigners. We walked through part of this tiny village to reach the palace where we would be able to explore and have a bit a lunch. We had quite the welcome too- being showered with flower petals from above as we entered inside the palace, receiving a bindi (red dot blessing on the forehead) and flower necklace. The people here were incredibly friendly and welcoming, inviting us into their home! Yes, we met some of the people that now reside here and it was especially interesting to talk to one of the women who married into this lifestyle. This was a unique and fun experience- outside of the typical tourist activities.

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