11 March 2012

Abhaneri Stepwell and Harshat Mata Temple

On our drive from Jaipur to Agra, we stopped by this tiny little village called Abhaneri. From the streets, it's hard to imagine the wonder that is held inside. I couldn't quite remember what the Abhaneri stepwell was, but as soon as I laid eyes on the structure within, I instantly recognized it! Apparently, it is one of the largest and deepest stepwells in India, was built in the 9th century and has 3500 steps. As this location is very aesthetically pleasing, I had seen this stepwell before- including in films ( most notably The Fall, which includes a lot of locations throughout India- a truly stunningly beautiful movie!). I find it fascinating and wonder how those who have never heard, for instance, of the Abhaneri stepwell, would ever find this place from the unassuming exterior in this tiny little village.

^ Christy, me and fellow traveler Miriam

^ Tour mate, Stella, looking quite pensive

Right across from the Abhaneri stepwell was the Harshat Mata Temple. This temple, which is mainly in ruins, was built around the 10th century and was dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga, who spread happiness.

After our venture to the stepwell and temple, our group had a spontaneous opportunity to visit a local potter and watch him work. While this was fascinating, it was quite hilarious to see the local children surround us and watch his demonstration as well. I loved this old guy, he was so funny, yelling and throwing stuff at the kids to make them back away when they got to close to him or prevented him from displaying his handiwork. It was quite a funny experience to have these kids follow you around (again, asking for "one pen" or " one rupee").

^ our fellow tour mate, Alan, got his chance at molding a pot.

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