05 February 2012

Uluru: Sunrise, Sunset

One of the more beautiful and inspiring moments spent in Australia was experiencing the sunset in the Outback. It was so peaceful out here, in the middle of nowhere - and the display of oranges, reds and purples as the sun set over Uluru was artistically inspiring and deeply moving. One of the simplest things in life - a sunset; I feel like we don't take enough time out to just sit and be still, appreciating God's handiwork and how beautiful simple things like this really are. I'll never forget walking around after dark and being blown away by just how many stars you can see in the sky when there's hardly a man-made light around. It's gorgeous - something I can't get enough of!

Sunset over Uluru

Sunset over the Olgas, or Kata Tjuta

The next morning's sunrise over Uluru

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