06 February 2012

Uluru: Around the Base

For Christy and I, our last day in the Outback was spent wandering Uluru's base. We had an awesome guide we took us around to various locations around Uluru, explaining some of the Aboriginal stories and beliefs (the little she knew, as they most of their beliefs private.) It was incredibly peaceful and you could somehow feel that this area held a religious significance, even if it differed from your own. It was interesting to learn of certain areas that held specific importance and which even Aboriginal women weren't supposed to even look at. I wish I could've had a more personal experience with the Aborigines, learning about them and their cultures, but our guide did an awesome job filling us in on what she could.

Mick Jagger?

It was completely fascinating to learn about some of the Aborigine stories,  which they took from the markings and formation of the Uluru, explaining its' creation. For example, a long vertical crack down the mountain is from the gash and blood from the dead Liru's (venomous snake) head, who was killed by the aunt of the snake boy he killed. Quite fascinating, I love learning about cultural stories, traditions, etc.

Aborigine rock paintings

Some wild dogs we came across

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