15 February 2012

Travel Update: February

The time has come (the walrus said...) - pretty much all the planning is done. Shots have been taken, clothes have been bought, insurance has been obtained.....this trip is finally upon Christy and I. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready...I wish that I had taken better advantage of the time I had before leaving (although I did accomplish a lot..), but fear of the unknown is so prevalent right now. But this will be an awesome experience, once Christy and I just get going (oh, there will be tears at the airport!),  we'll get into the swing of things again. I've just gotten so comfortable again, and I don't want things to change - but this is an extraordinary opportunity that I am excited for. This is something we can conquer and make something amazing out of. The next time I write will be from India! (Still doesn't seem real...). See you from the other side of the world!


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