15 February 2012

Rotorua's Agrodome

Christy and I joked long before we arrived in New Zealand, about the Agrodome and how touristy it seemed. We also suspected, knowing us, that we would love such a nutty experience - full of sheep, tourists and a few Kiwi farmers.  And...yes! The Agrodome was definitely a fun experience that I'm glad we didn't miss! For sheep lovers such as Christy and I, this was like a dream come true! We got to pet the sheepie, learn about them from our hilarious New Zealand host and got to see other such squishable creatures - lambies, ducks, cows and dogs. Sure, it was still a bit touristy, but good fun nonetheless!

Up close with a sheepie at the Agrodome

Various kinds of sheep that we learned about

Christy and a sheepie

Our host, showing off this guy's mohawk

Sheep shearing demonstration

Lambies! Their wagging tails were so cute!

                                                                                                 Dog herding demonstration

Me and one of the softest sheep ever

Some of the stars of the show...it looks like they're chewing bubble gum, right?

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