14 February 2012

Rotorua: Feel the Spirit

Before arriving in Rotorua, New Zealand, I had heard that it has a very distinct smell. I was told that because of all the sulfur, an overwhelming smell of rotten eggs would hit me as soon as I got off the airplane. I'm pleased to say that this was not the case. I don't recall having a cold at the time, but for whatever reason, I could not smell the sulfur in the air (that is, until I visited the Te Puia Thermal Reserve the next day...). I really enjoyed the city of Rotorua as it was small, cute and rich in Maori culture and tradition. I guess I never realized how relevant Maori culture still is; Christy and I frequently saw news channels with sections broadcasted in the Maori language. This was quite fascinating and just an introduction to this beautiful culture we would soon learn more about. Our first day in Rotorua was spent  walk along the water, eating ice cream and swimming in the hotel's thermal pools (which, also smelled a bit like rotten eggs..).

View from the plane leaving Queenstown and heading to Rotorua

Christy and I had a running joke with this street name as it was just so much fun to say

Gelati, our favorite past time! Mmmm.....gelaaaaati! 

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