13 February 2012

Queenstown, NZ!

After a bump in the road (in the form of a no-show airport transfer at 5am), Christy and I finally arrived in Queenstown, New Zealand! Oh, my goodness! I completely fell in love with this country before our plane even landed! Outside the plane window, all I could see were mountains for miles. I thought there was no way an airport could be nearby - let alone civilization...but sure enough, the one-terminal airport was nestled between the mountains. Not to make New Zealand sound stereo-typical, but it really felt like we were plopped in the middle of a Lord of the Rings movie. Honestly, I've never seen more gorgeous scenery in my life! The air/atmosphere feels fresh and healthy...it's crisp, captivating and enchanting!

Fiery sunrise over Queenstown

The day of our arrival in Queenstown was a laid-back one. We were able to walk around the small city center make our way up the Skyline Gondola for a marvelous view of Queenstown and the surrounding area. Christy and I went for the luge ride (a kind of go-cart, sled-on-wheels) around the twisting turns of the mountain. At times, our speed and the height made it seem like we were going to fly right off the cliff down onto the city center below. What made it even more fun was the fact that it started sprinkling....seriously, what's more fun than a luge ride in the rain?

Luge track

And, pretty much, my list of places to go

And in typical Jade and Christy style, we stopped by the cemetery on our way off the mountain and back into the city center. This was actually a really neat experience, what with some of the old headstones. Again, the continued rain added to it all.

So, how to end a perfect day (besides the Melbourne airport transfer issue...)? Well, by sharing a Fergburger, of course! We had heard a few suggestions from various Kiwis (that is, New Zealanders) that this was the place to go - and they weren't kidding! Yummy and creative burgers and (when the rain stops..) near some fun shops to look around.


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