24 February 2012

New Delhi, India...Wait, How Did I Get Here?

So, I really can't believe I'm in India right now. It's everything I imagined, but somehow different at the same time. My first impression of India was that it had all the good things I had heard and imagined about India and less of the bad. While the streets are insane, they're not quite as bad as I had thought. That's not to say they aren't bad at all (I'll have to make a post specifically about India's insane traffic!), but crossing the street is...manageable and you really don't see cows hanging out in the middle of the street (in New Delhi anyway). While this is an insanely chaotic, crowded and kind of...dirty littered country (there is a serious lack of rubbish bins here), this is an incredibly beautiful, colorful and moving country as well. ( Perhaps you'll see more evidence of this in upcoming posts!) India is not a place that is easily described or summed up, I still don't know how to accurately portray this country, or even New Delhi. This is definitely a country that needs to be experienced to appreciate.


  1. Awesome pics, love the grumpy old Ox!!!
    You have the world at your fingertips,
    enjoy life to the MAX!!! XOXO Aunt Kathy

  2. So happy to hear you two made it there safe and sound! Wow.. India! Have fun, Tooley


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