13 February 2012

Mt. Cook

Mt Cook is a few hours' drive outside of Queenstown and well worth the journey. New Zealand has such varying landscapes and throughout this drive, you can see rocky mountains, mountains with brown shrubbery, forest-like area and then there's Mt Cook - covered in beautiful, white snow. Christy and I had the opportunity to walk one of the trails leading up to the base of Mt. Cook, which was really neat as it was so peaceful - it was like we had the whole area to ourselves! There is also a lodge here where you can eat lunch or learn about Sir Edmund Hilary, one of New Zealand's most famous mountaineers.

Mt Cook

So, Shrek the sheep. Where to start on this amazing story? Pretty much, this sheep got lost from his home and lived in the mountains for 6 years. He eventually was found and given a new home - but Shrek had not been shorn for 6 years, resulting in an accumulation of 60 lbs of wool! He became a national icon of New Zealand....seriously hilarious and amazing.

Statue of Sir Edmund Hilary

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