13 February 2012

Milford Sound

Milford Sound - what a gorgeous place to visit in New Zealand! Christy and I visited on a cloudy, rain-threatening day, which wasn't so great for visibility. However, it was still amazing and almost mysterious with all the fog as I couldn't quite see the cliffs that were ahead, instead they would appear as we approached them closer. We saw many waterfalls (even getting close enough to one to feel the mist!), seals and dolphins as well. Milford Sound was a beautiful end to our amazing time in New Zealand, a country I have no added to the places I would love to live, if given the chance - along with Israel and Ireland.

Milford Sound

Me, in awe of New Zealand's beauty

Me and Christy

A little treat we encountered - dolphins swimming alongside our ship!

A short video of dolphins swimming next to our ship:

One of my favorite, silly clips of Christy and I....

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