13 February 2012

Melbourne's Remembrance Shrine

Our last day in Melbourne was spent south of the Yarra River, exploring the Botanic Gardens. Here, you can find the Remembrance Shrine. Christy and I stumbled upon this unknowingly, and it ended up being a beautiful tribute to the Australian men and women who have served their country. The strikingly red flowers contrasted against the grey building is what first caught my interest and persuaded me to explore further and what with the rows and rows of medals, artifacts from the wars and beautiful memorials - this was a highlight from my stay in Melbourne.

Overlooking central Melbourne from the Remembrance Shrine

Having just come from the Outback, this photo set against an urban background, was quite striking

Inside the Remembrance Shrine

4,000 medals - each one representing 100 men who served and 6 who died

"Drivers and Wipers" representing those  who lost their lives at the Battle of Ypres in WWI

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