04 February 2012

Kata Tjuta

The day after our exploration of the Daintree Rainforest, we headed to the dead center of Australia - the "red center" - the Outback! It was really neat arriving here by plane because all you can see is the red dirt...and then, out of nowhere, you can see the enormous Kata Tjuta and Uluru rock formations. Whereas the rainforest was completely green - everywhere you looked, the outback on the other hand was completely red! Surprisingly, there was a lot more green in the outback than I originally anticipated as well. It was incredibly refreshing to be out in the middle of the desert, surrounded only by nature. While there was a tiny community of hotels and restaurants, that was about all there was for as far as the eye could see.

Kata Tjuta's Walpa Gorge

Upon arriving in the outback, our first adventure was a walk around the amazingly beautiful Kata Tjuta. I believe this rock formation is still sacred to the Aborigines, but during the day we were able to explore the area. It was really nice when Christy and I were there in March - the weather was a lot cooler than normal, making the experience a lot more pleasant. The flies were a bit crazy though - don't let your mouth gape open, in astonishment at these world wonders as you're bound to swallow one.....I did, and it 'twas not fun!  Of course, you could always buy one of those mosquito net hats! Seriously though, this was an amazing experience and a great start to our time in the Outback.

"Trying" to fit all of Kata Tjuta into my shot

Christy and the reflection of Kata Tjuta

Short clip of Kata Tjuta:

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