09 February 2012

Kangaroo Island: The Scenery

Australians have a funny way of naming their landmarks: Great Barrier Reef, Great Dividing Range, Great Ocean Road, Remarkable Rocks...Not very creative, but very true. The Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island were indeed very remarkable and the setting couldn't have been more perfect on a tiny peninsula of the island, overlooking the storm-threatening blue-grey sea. One thing I loved about the Remarkable Rocks was the fact that the rocks were such abstract shapes. Having a love for photography, this is a great opportunity to set up all kinds of interesting shots, finding different shapes in the rocks depending on where you stand. It's a lot like cloud watching, and discovering shapes in the clouds (a favorite childhood activity of mine.) I loved the peaceful atmosphere here as well, and how it felt like my own little world. Just sitting on a remarkable rock, pondering life and looking out to sea. Does it get any better?

Edge of the Remarkable Rocks. I loved the layer of red dust that covered this area

Sometimes you just have to take an upside down picture of the best friend

Admiral's Arch

Me and Christy and the Admiral's Arch

Seriously. You will!

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