08 February 2012

Kangaroo Island: The Animals

Kangaroo Island is a few hours and a ferry ride away from Adelaide, and the trek is definitely worth it! I absolutely loved Kangaroo Island - a tiny little island off the coast, with a small population and quaint atmosphere. The whole island practically feels like a National Park, and our first stop of the day was at the beach - to get up close and (not too) personal with the seals! Oh my goodness, I so wanted to squish the baby seals - so cute! Obviously, we had to keep a certain distance because the seals can get quite aggressive towards intruders. But Christy and I had a grande time observing the seals in their natural habitat.

Me on the Seal Beach

Our next stop of the day was at a Birds of Prey demonstration. This was actually quite interesting, and the staff was a lot of fun as well! We got to see all kinds of amazingly beautiful birds and even got the opportunity to hold a couple of kookaburras. This definitely was a highlight for me, as I have always loved animals - and to get up close, and to be able to touch them was really neat!

Christy and the Kookaburra

            One of my favorites, the Wedgetail Eagle

A clip of the Wedgetail Eagle in action:

Another amazing experience was the spontaneous opportunity to go visit some wild kangaroos in an area where they frequently gather on the island. Here we got to see some wild koalas as well! We had so many opportunities to see kangaroos (and koalas, for that matter) during this trip (to and from places, and at specific petting locations). It was quite amazing...and I so wanted to take one home, but something tells me that Customs wouldn't appreciate that very much...

Koala (in the wild!!)

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