13 February 2012

Journey to Milford Sound

Just like the drive to Mt Cook, the journey to Milford Sound full of differing landscapes (most of which you can imagine being in Lord of the Rings.) For anyone that is moved or amazed by nature, you (like me) could probably stay in New Zealand forever, happily. The landscape is so refreshing and breath-taking and it feels like you could spend years just exploring a section of this country. On mine and Christy's last day in Queenstown, we journeyed out to Milford Sound, stopping by some beautiful area along the way. The first of which were the Mirror Lakes. You can see why it is called that in the photo below - certainly a gorgeous view!

Mirror Lakes

Another hour or so's drive, and Christy and I found ourselves in Mordor! No, really - that's what it looked like with the dangerous, jagged mountains encircling you. It was a gloomy, powerful and daunting landscape whose roads twisted and turned between and through these mountains. The mist and fog we were greeted with was a perfect addition to the mood of the area.

A trail an hour outside of Milford Sound. I seriously felt like I was in Jurassic Park. The foliage was
very pre-historic looking, indeed!

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