11 February 2012

I Heart Melbourne

At this point in our Australian adventure, Christy and I really started to get into the swing of things. There seems to be a certain point in every trip where you become more confident and relaxed about the uncertainties that come with travel. Melbourne was an awesome city that both Christy and I fell in love with. It's a hip, artsy city - and one that I felt like I could really spend a good chunk of time in. Melbourne felt like someplace where you could find your own place and fit in to the lifestyle. It was that big city feel, without being too big, but it also has a beautiful area (south of the main city) with the Yarra River and refreshing greenery. Our first day in Melbourne was spent walking along the Yarra River, strolling past various shops and restaurants. We eventually made our way to Flinders Street Station and Federation Square in the early evening (a perfect time to be there, what with all the lights!). It was fun just people watching out on the square, with the huge tv playing Mythbusters in the background. I couldn't have asked for a better first night in Melbourne.

Flinders Street Station at night

Yarra River and the heart of Melbourne

Christy sitting out on Federation Square

Federation Square

Me, joyous in Melbourne

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