12 February 2012

Great Ocean Road

Before Christy and I left for Australia, one of our great dilemmas was: do we spend our free day in Melbourne venturing out to Phillip Island to see the ferry penguins, or taking a day-long drive alond Melbourne's coastline - The Great Ocean Road. As the title might have suggested, we ultimately decided on the Great Ocean Road, and it was an unbelievably beautiful experience - blessed with gorgeous weather. You could definitely spend longer than a day exploring this famous stretch of coastline, perhaps camping along the way. We, however, experienced it in a day and had a blast. We visited such locations as Bell's Beach, Patton's Lookout, Loch Ard Gorge etc. There is an abundance of absolutely breath-taking views to behold, and if given the chance - I would definitely recommend this adventure!

Port Campbell Lookout

Me, feeding a bird near Kinnet River

              Christy getting to feed a bird as well                                  Koala - in the wild!

Loch Ard Gorge

The Loch Ard Gorge is the location where the ship 'Loch Ard' sank and only 2 passengers survived. Tom - the apprentice - was one of them, and Eva, daughter of Irish immigrants, was another. Tom washed ashore, and upon waking, heard screams from the gorge and struggled for an hour to bring her ashore - reviving her and saving her life. Sadly, they were going to be married, but she killed herself as loss of her family came to be too much for her.

The Razorback

The Twelve Apostles - world famous rock formations

Video of the London Bridge rock formation:

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