04 February 2012

The Great Barrier Reef

Oh my goodness, the Great Barrier Reef! One of my very favorite days spent in Australia! Mid-March was a perfect time to visit the Reef as it was very clear and the weather wasn't too hot. Christy and I ventured outside of Cairns with Reef Magic Tours - they were a bunch of fun, nice people who really cared about us having a fun experience. Once out on the Reef, we were able to take a semi-submersible boat around the coral,which was really amazing as we were surrounding by all different kinds of coral and sea life. Soon afterwards, we spent the better part of an afternoon snorkeling around. I'm not sure how it's possible to spend 4-5 hours just snorkeling, but this is the Great Barrier Reef!  I knew I was experiencing something that people spend their whole lives wanting to do and I wanted to soak in every last moment.

It was so amazing to be swimming inches from the coral, with fish of many colors darting all around you! One thing to keep in mind, if you have the money to spare, rent/buy one of the silly-looking body suits available to save yourself from the teeny, miniscule jellyfish stings you will experience around March. Christy and I went without, which was fine, but we did experience minor stings on our exposed skin which lasted about 5 minutes or so. I did have one sting that lasted the day though, but with a little help from some A&D ointment, it went away the next day.

Reef Magic's platform for their water activities

So, umm....I shouldn't have to say this - but I can't stress enough the importance of the continual appliance of sunscreen! Christy and I forgot to keep applying it throughout the day (although we did apply in initially!) and....yeah, on our journey back to Cairns, we realized just HOW RED we had become! We both got more burnt than I think we have in our entire lives! Like, "don't touch me, it burns!" bad..like, "dodging sunlight for the next week" bad. We went through an entire bottle of Aloe Vera spray throughout our stay in Australia. You'd think we hadn't seen the sun before or something...

The moment we realized we might have gotten a little burnt...Little did we know...

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