01 February 2012

Featherdale Park and the Plethora of Adorable Animals!

A few days into our stay in Sydney, we took off for a pre-booked day tour of Sydney's surrounding area.  We had the opportunity to visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park and the Blue Mountains. The weather was just awful this particular day, but thankfully the rain held off while Christy and I visited all the squishable animals. Featherdale Wildlife Park was a really, really cool experience; we got to see all kinds of animals native to Australia, and had the opportunity to get up close to many of them!

Cockatoo at the Featherdale Wildlife Park

One of the most colorful birds I've ever seen! Every color of the rainbow!

What I really loved about the Featherdale Wildlife Park was the fact the instead of seeing all of these animals through cages, we got to go inside a huge pen full of kangaroos and emus! Kangaroos were bounding every which way, and while trying to feed one, an emu came behind us and started pecking at our heads. It was hilarious! You can cuddle the kangaroos all you want here - I love it!

An Australian park isn't complete without seeing some koalas

  My favorite Australian bird, the cassowary

                 Christy and the wombat!                               Kookaburra flying around the kangaroo pen

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