02 February 2012


The weather in Cairns (located in the top right of Australia) was a lot more pleasant than in Sydney. While it was quite a bit hotter and we did experience a teeny bit of rain, Cairns really felt like Hawaii!  Maybe Maui, if I had to specify an island. The weather was warm and beautiful, it was incredibly green, and just the layout of the land very much reminded me of Hawaii. Our first day in Cairns was spent relaxing, walking in the city center and making "friends" at the Promenade (gotta love conversations with 6 year olds about animals, etc).

View of Cairns from our hotel

Some amazingness we came across on the tv

The Promenade, where we met our little friends

                                                                                 Rattle & Hum, or Huttle & Rum as we came to call it

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