02 February 2012

Blue Mountains...Or, The Day of Mist

Ah, yes....our afternoon spent driving three hours outside of Sydney to see the beautiful Blue Mountains and the famous Three Sisters formation... Of all days, this had to be the rainiest and foggiest. Our time spent at the Featherdale Wildlife Park was great, but needless to say, it was a little pointless continuing our journey to the Mountains. But, since we were there, we at least walked around a little bit (as we could see what was directly in front of our faces as opposed to the beautiful valley we knew must be before our eyes.

So, this is what we should have seen.....

And this is what we saw...

But this is me and Christy, we can have fun anyway and laugh about this later. Instead, we took one of the steepest railways in the world down to the valley floor to walk around some of the trees and such (we might as well, right?) It was still a fun afternoon - we had some fun talking with a few travelers and just....being in Australia.


  1. What great pictures, seems like despite the mist you still had a great time. I have been looking up information on Sydney day tours for my trip in a few months. I was thinking of going to the blue mountains, any suggestions for this tour?

  2. I believe our tour was through AAT Kings: http://www.aatkings.com/au/day-tours/
    It was a nice day tour that included a trip to the Featherdale Wildlife Park and the town of Leura.
    Maybe a little expensive, but we had a great time! They have lots of different options for day tours throughout Australia and New Zealand :)

    Have fun, I'm sure you'll love Sydney!


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