15 February 2012

Auckland: Farewell, Down Under

So, Auckland was a bit different than Christy and I had anticipated. We didn't dislike it, but maybe the fact that we went from the refreshingly green Rotorua, to the big-city of Auckland contributed to our less-than-enthused mood. Tie that with the emotion of having to leave an amazing country and our moods just weren't up to par. However, we did push ourselves to walk around the city a bit (in search of food, if nothing else...).

So, the problems of a foreign big city: All the cheap food doesn't look all that great and all the food that looks decent is way too expensive. So searching for cheap, edible food is not always easy, but Christy and I finally settled on this little bar, noticing that they served nachos which sounded kind of tasty. I now realize that it is very, very difficult to find good Mexican food outside of the Americas...our "nachos" ended up being doritos with chili and sour cream. But, we were hungry, so we ate it...and it's definitely one of those stories you laugh at later.

                                                                                               Infamous "nachos" incident

So, what does one do when still hungry from unsatisfying nachos and not in the mood to walk around the city any longer? Why, eat chips and chocolate in the hotel room, of course! Seriously....what a bunch of bums, but definitely something we look back on fondly! This....is how we spent our last night down under(er).

Boarding the plane the next day.... Our eighth flight in a one-month span

Alas, our trip had to come to an end, but we both really fell in love with both Australia and New Zealand. This trip gave us an opportunity to try a more independent style of touring, which we successfully accomplished (albeit, with some irritation..). But, we did good. Every time we travel, we find ourselves never wanting to leave...and Australia and New Zealand were no different. We wanted to keep traveling from here...but it wasn't meant to be for this trip. But, I definitely left a bit of my heart here and hope to return someday.....

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