07 February 2012

Alice Springs.....

Now, I'm sure Alice Springs is a great place...but the timing of Alice Springs perhaps came at a bad time.  We, perhaps had a mini-meltdown that left us a bit frustrated - especially since this trip was pretty much on our own and things have a way of not working out the way you imagine. But, our next day in Alice Springs proved to be a lot better. Instead of our original plans, and after many phone calls, we had an opportunity to visit the Desert Park (right when it opened, so we were the only ones there.) This was actually an awesome, rejuvenating and beautiful experience.

Christy and I were able to explore different kinds of environments found in the outback, and got to walk around a huge pen full of kangaroos. Being surrounded by quite a few buff-looking kangaroos is actually very intimidating! Christy and I joked about how we might not make it out of Alice Springs alive.  Needless to say, we were fine - but then again, we used our better judgement and didn't approach the kangaroos to closely. I mean, these guys were practically as tall as we are!

                                                                                        This guy's got some major muscle going on

A photo from a Birds of Prey show...it struck us funny somehow

Spinifex pigeon

That's for darn sure...

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