08 February 2012


It was quite a weird experience to head back to "civilization" after spending time in the Daintree Rainforest and the Outback, but Adelaide was a nice change of pace. While our time was short in Adelaide, it was a lot of fun! We were staying outside the city centre, but the local transportation was free and easy to use (yay!). Unfortunately, pretty much all the shops were closed (this was, like a Friday evening as well!), but we had fun anyway, searching for any open restaurant we could find (we did find one, by the way), playing random street pianos and acting like a bunch of goofballs (that's what we do best after all!)

Journey to Adelaide

View of the Outback as we flew out of Alice Springs

                                                                                       Our deserted, but fun evening in Adelaide

Me and Christy...and couple of crazies...

Why, yes, I think I will...

Christy playing a little Aussie piano:

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