17 January 2012

Western Wall

After visiting Jerusalem's Southern Steps, our group headed to the Western (or Wailing) Wall - also located on the Temple Mount. This was such a fascinating and emotional place to visit! The Western Wall is the closest permitted accessible site to the holiest spot in Judaism, the Foundation Stone, which lies inside the Temple Mount. The wall is sectioned off into area designated for men (about 80% of the wall), and the smaller section is for the women. It was quite overwhelming to be in the midst of these people, praying and reading so fervently. It was not unusual to see people crying and rocking back and forth. This site means a great deal to the Jews and they are obligated to grieve and mourn the desolation of where their Temple once stood. It is also custom to write a prayer down on a piece of paper and insert it into the cracks of the wall.

Prayers left behind at the Western Wall

The Western Wall with the dome of the Rock peeking over the top

Many Jews are buried here, on the Mt of Olives as this is where they believe Christ will return.
Thus, they believe they will be the first to go. Apparently, cemetery spots go for over $50,000!

Model of Jerusalem, as it looked 2,000 years ago

Soldiers celebrating Purim

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