09 January 2012

Waking up on the Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. I remember waking up here on the two mornings we were here, realizing I would probably never return to this place. I tried as best as I could to really soak in everything. Tiberias, next to the Sea of Galilee is so peaceful and green - the sea surrounded by the mountains is the perfect setting for my ideal place to live. It was easy to imagine this place as it was two thousand years ago, just being here feels like you have been transported to another time and place. By the end of my stay here, I decided I just had to find a way to return here one day. And when asked where I would live if I could live anywhere, my answer quickly changed from Ireland to Tiberias, Israel (and it remains my number 1 choice.) Tiberias has many of the things I love about Ireland (greenery, nature, nice people), but with the meaning that touches your soul - that I've only ever felt in Israel. Here, you really feel God's presence...it just feels different. I hope to return here one day, or at least convince my stepdad to by a house here so that I can visit!

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee from our hotel

On our first morning in the region of Galilee, our group took 5 wooden boats out onto the Sea of Galilee and sailed to the other side. I was so looking forward to this activity - I mean..it's the Sea of Galilee! It was one of my favorite moments from our trip, singing songs as we sailed the Sea, feeling the Israeli wind against my face, watching the seagulls fly alongside our boat whenever we sang. It was a blessed and joyous experience. It was quite a production linking our five boats together, once in the center of the Sea, so that we could sing and then listen to our pastor all together. It was truly a magical excursion!

                One of our group's wooden boats                             Christy sailing on the Galilee

The seagulls that flew alongside our boat - we all squealed with delight at this!

Fellow traveler, Nick, trying to help rope our boats together

Elli, capturing the Sea of Galilee's beauty

                                                                                            Sunny, worshipping and...video-ing

Four of our boats linked together in the center of the Sea

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