22 January 2012

Travel Update: January

I must say, December and January were a lot more productive than November. If you've checked out my list that I made back in September, you will have noticed that everything has been checked off....err, except for the "go" part. But Christy and I have a departure date set for one month from now (yikes!!). Time has just flown by, and while I am excited to go, I am a little scared at the same time. I am in no way prepared for what's about to happen (like I ever would be...), and I know that once I leave home - even if and when I come back, things will never be the same. That's probably what scares me the most - knowing that when I leave, I can never come back to my home the way I've always known it. This is going to change me so much - my life will be radically different. But while you're young, you have to take risks, go after a dream and worthwhile life...I just hope I can keep up with it and not experience too much "burnout", that is, exhausted from travel.

But on the bright side, this is the start of something new. This is the beginning of a discovery and exploration of the world and myself. Possibilities are endless! Maybe I'll start working with kids in some country that I fall madly in love with. Maybe I'll get involved in art somewhere, or teach English. I have no idea where my journey through Asia will take me, which is scary but exciting as well! I want to do something meaningful, fulfilling and worthwhile. I have all these dreams in my head of possible dreams I could follow - it's hard to predict where my life will take me in the next 6 months.

But here's what's been happening. Christy and I have done pretty much everything we need to do for our trip in the last month and a half. We've purchased plane tickets, tours, hotels, visas, travel insurance ( World Nomads seemed like a great choice!) and have gotten immunizations. We're almost set for our adventure starting in India - we'll be there for one month before heading to Singapore. After that, the sky's the limit...although we're planning on making our way through Southeast Asia and towards Japan. For now, last minute shopping, figuring out our phone situation and working on TEFL is on the agenda. That's right! I started taking a class to get my certificate in teaching English to foreign learners. I don't know if I'll end up teaching, but I like having my options open! In the meantime, I'll be pumping out posts about my Australia/New Zealand adventure from 2011.....and after that......the unknown!

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