24 January 2012

Sydney: Harbor and Opera House

Now, come on. You can't go to Sydney and not go to the Sydney Opera House. This is an national icon and an amazingly beautiful piece of architecture. Christy and I visited the Opera House on our very first (albeit, very tiring - because of the flight) day. We had the chance to go inside some of the various theaters - some very big, some fairly tiny. I loved walking around the Opera House, with its royal purple carpets, huge harbour-facing windows and the interesting architecture within. We learned all about the architect, Jorn Utzon and his journey of building this beautiful place, taking way longer to build and costing way over what he originally intended.

If you get the chance (and we did, because we had to take a later tour), sit outside of the Opera House, by the harbour for a while. This is one of those simple, but beautiful moments that I enjoyed on our first day. What with the whirlwind of the flight and finding ourselves in a completely new place - alone, the fact that we were in Sydney just would not sink in. So, those quiet moments where you can just sit and take in your surroundings (whether they seem like reality or not) are one of my favorite things about visiting new places.

Thankfully, we had many more opportunities to see the Opera House - whether it was a quick glance as we drove some place, or a photo opportunity on the other side of the harbour. Seeing it so often confirmed this reality, that we were actually here.

Me and the Opera House, on one of our many rainy days

Me and Christy's favorite wall, next to the Opera House (yup, we're dorks..)

Christy pondering Australian life?

  Detail of the Opera House exterior. Looks like shells!

So, now, I present one (of many) awkward, silly, Jade and Christy moments:

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