15 January 2012

Southern Steps in Jerusalem

We were actually supposed to visit the Southern Steps on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem a day earlier (but instead we went to Masada), due to the riots we had to change plans. But it actually worked out for the best because the previous day saw a lot of rain in Jerusalem. The next day - the day we visited the Southern Steps - was quite sunny most of the day, with odd patches of sprinkling here and there.

It was unbelievably crazy to be walking the streets of Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount itself! It was one of those surreal moments - it didn't feel like it was real! I mean, whereas many of the spots we visited have been built over and such, the Southern Steps consist of the same rock as Jesus' day. It is virtually exactly where He stood. And to gather our 400+ people in our group onto this spot, looking out over Jerusalem was truly a beautiful moment.

On the Temple Mount looking towards Al Aqsa Mosque
It was quite odd to find myself at the very place that is the center of so many religious conflicts. I mean, there are areas on the Temple Mount that Jews, or any non-Muslim for that fact, are not allowed. But it is  prophesied that the Jews will build a third temple on the Temple Mount (probably soon enough), and there is even a Temple Institute in Jerusalem (which we visited) which has collected all the things needed  for this third temple. It's fascinating to see how ready they are and how this could easily take place in the near future.

There we are - our huge group made up of 400+ people

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