17 January 2012

Rabbi's Tunnel, Jerusalem

After having seen the Western Wall during the day, we returned at night to explore the Rabbi's Tunnel. This was a neat opportunity to see this location when it's not so packed. It's much more serene and calm when experienced at night. But our main focus was not the Western Wall itself, but the tunnel around the Temple Mount. The tunnel begins at the Western Wall plaza and runs north along the outside of the Western Wall. Work on the tunnel began in 1967. In 1982, Rabbi's found an ancient sealed underground gate. The broke through it and began to clear out the chambers beneath the Temple Mount, most likely looking for the Holy of Holies or the Ark of the Covenant. Palestinians began to riot though and the Israeli government had to stop working beneath the Mount, but could continue digging north along the Western Wall. By the late 80's, the reached the end of the Temple Mount compound and connected with water tunnels from the 1st and 2nd century. It's a fascinating history, and exciting to know that they may or may not have discovered the Holy of Holies or the Ark of the Covenant....unfortunately, they are unable to continue their discoveries at the present moment.

Jewish man washing his hands in the Western Wall complex

Driving through the Muslim Quarter to get to the Western Wall

Uhh...yes. That's me being silly

Inside the Rabbi's Tunnel

The closest place to the Holy of Holies. We saw a few people here praying

Me and Tsuriel :)

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