01 January 2012

Neot Kedumim - Experiencing the Past

Neot Kedumim is located just a short drive form Tel Aviv and is a biblical landscape reserve. The people who created this spot researched what kind of plants were around in Biblical days and tried to recreate what it might have looked like. Here, you can hire a guide and they will take you around to the different stations, showing you how they used their cisterns (wells) or how they ground different plants together to make spices. It was a lot of fun and informative - and we even got to keep our herbs! One of our fellow travelers tried it on a pizza later that day and said it was delicious. Me? I kept mine...in fact, it's still sitting in my room now, although I would love to try a little bit on some pizza!

Overlooking the Neot Kedumim area

                                                                                              Ricky grinding his herbs together

Christy, on the left, picking some herbs for our group

        Fellow tour member, demonstrating the cistern

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