17 January 2012

Mt of Olives

The Mt. of Olives is an astounding location! Not only are there beautiful churches located here, with an amazing view of the city of Jerusalem, but it also holds strong significance for Christians. This is where Jesus descended from as He entered Jerusalem, being joined by the multitude shouting "Hosanna!" Jesus later ascended the mountain in preparation for His leaving the earth to return to His Father and will soon return to establish His kingdom here. This is where you will find the Garden of Gethsemane as well, where Jesus prayed and concentrated so hard that He actually sweat blood and was later arrested and taken for trial. And the rest is (ancient) history!

It was just incredibly amazing to find myself here, walking in these famous and significant locations! And with such a great (huge!) group of people who made the experience all the more blessed! Our group of 400+ people gathered here to learn of the place's significance and to fellowship together in this glorious place.

Mt. of Olives, with the Church of All Nations and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in view

Dome of the Rock, as seen from the Mt. of Olives

            Christy and Elli - fellow travel buddies        The Mt of Olives was FULL of vibrant red poppies!

Looking down at the gate that is now closed in

Garden of Gethsemane

Architecture of the church of All Nations

                 Inside the Church of All Nations

Church of All Nations from the outside. I thought this church was incredibly beautiful!

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