07 January 2012

Meggido - Step Into the Future

Megiddo is an awesome experience. If ever you find yourself in Israel, this is a place to visit. This place has seen many wars (estimated to have been destroyed and rebuilt about 20 times) and will see another. Tel Megiddo is translated as Armageddon, which just about everyone has heard of. This is the place mentioned in the Bible where the last battle will take place. And I have to tell you, it was so weird visiting a place such as this. It's scary, enlightening, but wonderful to know the truth. This is the place where it first hit me just how different Israel is from anyplace else. Here, you not only take a step back into history - you also take a step into the future. Being here, in the actual place this great event will take place, makes it all so much more real than just reading or hearing about it. This is real. And in the crazy events that have unfolded in the world in the last few weeks alone, it's even easier to see how the stage is being set for this future. I'm just glad for my faith and trust in the Lord otherwise I would fear the hopelessness and darkness that is drawing near. But, I already know how this story ends...and that's reason enough to celebrate.

On top of Megiddo

                                                                                                    Christy and Sunny

Ruins on the top of Megiddo

Me and Christy

Heading down into a cistern

Fellow traveler, Elli

        Nick taking a photo over the Valley of Megiddo

Part 4 of the video our fellow tour member made of our trip:

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