27 January 2012

Manly Beach and Beyond

The day spent exploring some of Sydney's beautiful beaches and coastline was full of gloom and rain. While it's a bit hard to completely enjoy a famous beach, such as Bondi beach, when being soaked - Christy and I didn't let that stop us. We had to dip our feet into the "other side" of the Pacific Ocean. Throughout the day, we explored the suburbs of Sydney, some beautiful vantage points and beaches - all just outside of Sydney's main tourist hub. Later in the afternoon, by the time we reached Manly Beach, the skies had cleared - making for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Beautiful architecture at Manly beaches shopping area

Christy, gazing out to sea

Gloomy Bondi beach, earlier in the day

Here's a random video that corresponds to the picture above. Yeahhh...this is the kind of stuff Christy and I take pictures/video of:

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