17 January 2012

Jewish Quarter

The old city of Jerusalem is divided up into four...er, well..."quarters." The Christian and Armenian quarters are actually combined and take up about 35% of Old Jerusalem. The Muslim Quarter is the largest, taking up about 45% of Jerusalem's Old City, while the Jewish Quarter is the smallest - taking up about 20% of the area. The Jewish Quarter is a great and safe (when we were there, anyway) place to visit with historical spots at every turn, small and charming shops to explore and nice people. I remember walking with Rick and Christy a few blocks away from our group, and the main plaza, and it was so awesome to observe people in their everyday lives - chatting outside their shops, riding their bikes down the alley, etc. People were incredibly generous and kind to us....I was coming to love Israel more and more as the time went on (if that's even possible!)

Statue of King David, outside the Church of the Dormition

Inside the Upper Room, where many people believe the Last Supper took place

                  Church of the Dormition

Fellow traveler, Nick, reading a scripture that Tsuriel picked out

Ruins of the Cardo, which was Jerusalem's main walkway in the Byzantine era. 
Ruins of the shops remain on the sides of the columns

    Fellow travelers, (a different)Nick, Jackie and Naomi          One of my favorite photos from the trip

The Burnt House, remains from when the Romans took Jerusalem in 70 AD

Me, Elli, Christy and Sandy being interviewed for a documentary!

                Mimi and the Israeli flag! I love it!                     Giant golden menorah in the Jewish Quarter

Our guide, Tsuriel, talking about the quarters that make up Jerusalem and the Cardo:

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