15 January 2012

Jerusalem, At Last!

Oh my goodness, Jerusalem! I can't even put into words just how it felt to arrive in the extraordinary city! Our group came into Jerusalem by way of the Judean desert - we proceeded through a tunnel and were unexpectedly met by the sight of this wondrous city, the Dome of the Rock gleaming in front of us. The mood in our bus changed from tired and calm to excited and joyous. It was an incredible feeling - a high from finally arriving here. For me, and probably Christy as well, it was an incredibly blessed feeling to find ourselves here as, at least for me, I never thought I would actually have the chance to visit Israel. Our group ascended to the top of a hill where the Hebrew University is located for an outstanding view of the city. I never wanted to leave....it was instantaneous love!

View over Jerusalem, with the Dome of the Rock in sight

Me and Christy in disbelief of where we were

   Our bus guide, Tsuriel talking about this ancient city

Ricky and the "here I am!" pose

Here's a short video I took of the call to prayer echoing throughout Jerusalem:

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