17 January 2012

Garden tomb

A trip to Jerusalem (or Israel, for that matter) wouldn't be compete without a visit to the Garden Tomb. This is the most probable location for the burial of Jesus. The site was run by a wonderful group of British and American people, volunteering their time to show visitors this astounding place. Here, you will find a cliff that may be the one referred to as "Golgatha" in the Bible (you can actually see why it would be called that - as 'golgatha' meaning 'skull'). Unfortunately, there is a very loud and busy bus station under the cliff, which detracts from the significance of this spot. Inside the Garden Tomb site, you will, of course, see a tomb which you are able to go inside!

A rare sight - the garden tomb without any tourists!


Inside the garden tomb - a probable (temporary) burial spot for Jesus

While at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, our huge group had the opportunity to take part in communion together. What an extraordinary, special event! It felt like an Easter service - at the place where it all happened! Praise God that He sent Jesus to die for our sins, raising back up to Heaven on the third day! Without that, we would have no hope for salvation. This was such a blessed day, spending time with our newfound family. Not only did the Garden Tomb provide serenity in the hectic city life of Jerusalem, but it also put life in perspective and really reminded me what everything is all about. Serving the Lord and testifying of His greatness and love are things I strive to do more of.

Elli, Christy and I at communion

  Pastor Sam getting ready to play a little worship music                Pastor Chuck

Sandy, Elli and I

What a great group! Elli, Abby, Sandy, me, Christy and Sunny!

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